Random blackberry blues...

It's crazy how every other day you have to change your dp to show someone you really are wishing him/her a happy birthday. Seriously though, its not necessary. It doesn't mean i love you less than the last persons picture i put up. I put his/her picture up just because i wanted to. I know you would love me to do a free ad for you with my dp... but sometimes i just want to see my face up and not yours. Don't take it personal. I've got to sell myself too... and it doesn't help your cause if you happen to be born in a  month where every other day is a birthday of someone i know. :)

If you don't have confidence in your girlfriends/boyfriends looks, then don't put up his/her picture as your dp. Because you'll end up being overly defensive and loosing your friends. Someone once passed a light comment on a friends dp, apparently it was a new girlfriend who wasn't as 'hot' as the last... he got defensive and it ended in something fierce. oh broda. Trust me the comment had nothing to do with the said girlfriends looks... he just read meanings to it. *shrug*

How is it that people get so excited when it comes to death and posting up R.I.P updates? Its like there's a prize waiting to be handed out to the first person to put up an update on the social networks and dp's. It's so unfair, the body is still warm, family still in shock and some not informed yet, and there you have some over zealous wannabe newscaster putting it all out there. Found out about a friend a few hours after he died via facebook, sent a mail to the person who put it up to be sensitive just incase some of his family who were away were yet to be informed. Well a family member who hadn't been told yet found out. She found out via bbm. She saw her brothers dp up and an R.I.P next to it. She didn't even get the decency of a soft breaking. How insensitive.

Everyone is suddenly an expert in the state of the nation. I hear theories that gets me gasping for air. I get that sometimes the social networks brings out the philosophers in us, but it becomes tiring when its just an endless blab of nonsense aided by owning a blackberry. Some dude with nothing to do, picks up his blackberry and entertains himself with whatever topic he can come up with... unfortunately most times its just a ball of misspelled and badly put together English/hausa/whatever added to the absurdity of what he just said.

A groom ends up seeing his bride before she gets to the church with all the updates and pictures of her getting dressed sent to facebook and twitter and put up as DP's. Some overly excited bridesmaid letting the cat out of the bag, spoiling the element of surprise for the groom. You'll have to be ready to take the blame if he's not impressed with her looks on her wedding day and doesn't show up in church :)
And like seriously why not just enjoy your wedding? Remember the days where it was just absurd to have your phone on you on your wedding day? Now thanks to blackberry, the unwritten law has been broken... the bride and groom are chatting at some point during their wedding ceremony and even taking pictures to put up, and putting up status like 'my wedding is slamming peeps' ermm... okay!

As much as it's refreshing to know you go to church, it's so annoying to see you tweeting on in church. It doesn't matter if you're saying how well the sermon is going. That's outright foolishness. Put your blackberry away for the two hours please. You can tell us all about the preacher, or the pretty girl you sat next to, or the man snoring behind you right after the grace has been said.

And oh the number of bathroom pictures out there... how in the world would we have fed our vanity/self love without camera phones and instant uploads? How in the world would the world know how nice we looked on that day, in that hour? and of course we look nicer when the evidence of our perceived hotness is taken in the bathroom.
I understand when ladies do this, but i'm going to be a sexist here... why in the world would guys take loads of 'bathroom' pictures and keep changing dps every other hour? This one guy on my bbm list gives me the creeps.

How in the world do you actually enjoy what you're doing if you have to write every detail on twitter?... 'oh my gosh i'm having so much fun?''o, the food looks tasty... u shd be here' 'o my, he just winked at me  :), 'like seriously these girls are staring at my shoes, i'm giving them the attitude'...  how is it fun when your head is always bent on your phone? That's not fun, that's you in a fun place but bored out of your head, you only keep yourself entertained by letting the twitter world imagine how much fun you're having. Like seriously... You're on a date 'awww, he said he loves me' 'uhhh, he just ordered for me....' 'wow, u guys, its so romantic here, he just keeps staring into my eyes'(too bad, cos you've broken the stare to tweet the moment *rolls eyes*
If you're not a reporter, then wait for the dinner or whatever to be over before whipping out the blackberry and telling us how it went... Seriously! We don't need the live update if it's not the election, royal wedding, Mj trial or... you get my point? Something worth taking over our timeline with.

Why is it that the people who never have anything to say are the ones who always go 'PING' on you and want to have conversations everyday? You actually feel like crying when you check you message and see 'that' name there. This feeling of... gosh, i wanna fling my bb. But you're nice like that and have to follow the protocol.

I still haven't figured out why you say 'fanks' and 'fink' to me. Like seriously dude. I really shouldn't start with the 'HBD' 'LLNP' *sigh* And we spent years in school learning to read and write. The shock some parents must be in after receiving mails/letters from their kids.

You've got to get pissed at all the 'subs' flying around. Man up and confront whoever is pissing you off. Throwing subs as your status and tweeting em isn't endearing.
Don't be a coward by going the sub way :p

I shouldn't and wouldn't even go into the broadcasts... not the one of 'if you close/don't broadcast this message then you love the devil...' or 'if you do this then....' Ok, i promised not to go into broadcasts.
This is a perfect response to one of those silly broadcast.....

Blackberrys... we could hate them all we want, but we're still sleeping with the enemy and reaching out for them as soon as we wake up. (and did i mention those who tweet about hurling the alarm clock? i mean, if you hurled the alarm clock, i just don't get why you wouldn't go straight back to sleep, but pick up your bb to tweet your action? or is it a sleeptweet kinda thing? *straight face*

I'm moving back to the iphone sooner than later.

P.S I'm not judging o... I'll probably be guilty of all these and more if i do a deep bb soul search.


  1. Haha wats ur bb pin

  2. haha! it is quite addictive! and I totally agree those dps and updates can be highly irritating. I guess we could try to find something better to do so we dont let the bb control us but then again as a gadget addict that I am I can only try.

  3. You got me rolling in laughter. Technology and social media has changed the face of the way we live. I still don't understand all the abbreviations out there. What is LLNP?

  4. 'If you don't have confidence in your girlfriends/boyfriends looks, then don't put up his/her picture as your dp.' Why be with someone whose looks you don't have confidence in? You will end up defending that person forever.

    Na wa for the RIP story and the bride story sha

  5. The story of 'social evolvement', sad. However, tis the unfortunate reality of our time.

  6. BB has turned to an anti social device....

  7. I came back her to read this during lunch. I am laughing so hard and rice wants to come out of my nostrils. Na wa o

  8. SO on point
    never thought of that bride one tho. i wouldn't want the surprise to be spoilt for my groom.


    The one that annoys me to hell is twitter. as in you are so on point. if you are having so much fun, while tweet about it.

    Never understood the 24:7 tweeting. how do you have a life.

  9. Ok,so where exactly do I start from in commenting how much of an on-point hilarious read this was?!!Hahaha!Heck,we're all guilty to some level or the other!And lol@annon asking for ur PIN!

  10. Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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  11. Hehehe! Love the post. You are so right. It's especially annoying at social gatherings. If you want to tweet/ping or update your facebook status, please stay at home!

  12. Lol. Being a recent BB user, I cannot agree more with u. I am so goin back to the iPhone! I absolutely detest LLNP, TYLJ, IJN! Seriously if u wanna say In Jesus Name, say it! Like arrrgh!

    And u forgot to mention those who put up "No pings or calls pls, I won't reply". If u r so busy, shdnt ur phone be off or atleast on silent mode?

    And to d one I absolutely can't stand "Am so happy". What happened to "I'm"? Wasn't punctuations part of English lessons in primary school?

  13. This post and the comments got me rolling. I was having a bbm conversation with someone the day and she kept abbreviating and changing words ......"now" to "nau" I got so irritated and told her you know what.....lets talk later. As for the HBD that is soooooooo annoying. And then the dp picture change on peoples birthdays na wa....I have work to do I can't spend my good time changing pictures....I love u but I won't.
    As for the per second updates on bbm....na wa! Twitter I can understand even though I still can't get why someone would want their whole existence on broadcast.smh.
    All of it is really annoying. I am in the group looking forward to ditching the device.


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