Omo Mummy

I've always been a mummy's girl and i sort of, kind of make no apologies for it. My mum is this wonderful woman and there's is absolutely no shame in wanting to continue as her hand bag even in my old age.
I meet some of her old friends and colleague sometimes and i see their amazement at how much i've grown, they remember me as the little girl who was always there...
In family pictures i made sure i was right next to her, and i would be upset when the photographer moved me to my dads side.
I went for official functions with her, i went to work with her, i traveled round the world Nigeria with her, to hospitals, to the market, to the saloon, to church, to visit friends, to her bosses house, to cocktail parties and state dinners, to pick up her award, her swearing in... I was just always there. Probably the only child to have moved around so much.

My mum and her sister were my two favorite women growing up. I followed my aunt about almost as much as i did with mum, i used to tell myself she was my substitute mum. I was a child in love and sometimes had to make tough choices, like where to spend the night, at hers or at home with mum. Most times we went out together, the gang... You know, we should have given ourselves a name 'the terrific trio'. Because we honestly did make a great team
Saw an old picture and all this feelings came flooding back....
BEFORE: from left: my aunt, me and mummy dressed in the red and black idoma official color
I was about ten in this picture, we were at the airport to welcome the body of the late ochi' idoma(the chief of the idomas, mums tribe) mum was on the burial committee. The terrific trio traveled together for the funeral. Mum would dress me up in asoke... probably why i have a thing for iro and buba. It was a fun time growing up.
"We go together like
rama lama lama
ke ding a de dinga a dong
remembered for ever like
shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom'"
Grease- We go together
AFTER: from left: mum, me and aunt heading for an event
Twenty something years later, i still try to keep up as much as i can. Here is another picture of the 'terrific trio'(i'm beginning to like this name), all 'growed up'(like the rugrats would say) and still rocking together.
This picture made me realize how time has flown and how some things have changed, but even in the midst of all the change, some things are still the same.
I've had cold wars with my aunt, but i'm sure she knows as much as i do that we know what we know... whatever it is that we know :)
Sometimes i notice the excitement in mum's eyes (even when she acts like she doesn't care) when I'm home and i dress up to go for a function with her. I'm still her baby.

No matter how old i feel, i'll always be the little girl who wants her mummy, who wants to be a part of the wonderful people these women are. I got to meet wonderful personalities through them, some who liked me beyond the courtesy of the moment and made me their little friend. I learned to be a great host, and i got to see how a woman of substance carries herself and makes herself relevant without trying to hard. Of course, there's class and style i got from them too.
I think i can confidently say, spending time with them has contributed hugely in making me the woman that i am today.

I am an 'omo mummy' and I'm proud...


  1. Awww...I am the "there here nor there child" so it was not until recently that Mama and I got chummy. Your mum and her sister remind me of my mum and her sister too...

    tres cute

  2. Memories of growing up - especially when they are these 'cute' - deserve to be cherished....

  3. Awww. I"m an Omo Mummy too! I just love her to pieces! I pray our children feel the same way about us!

  4. This is really sweet. I lovethe before and after pics. Cute : )

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  6. What a loving and charming tribute, I love the all growed up picture, :)

  7. Awwwww this is soooo sweet!!!
    My mum and I are inseparable, my Dad and I can't do without each other.
    Love your blog and following :) Please check mine out

  8. C'est Bon!!! Good for you!!
    God will help you nurture/grow the relationships with your Mum and Aunt.I am challenged and i intend to have something like this with my chidren.GOD BLESS YOU.

  9. Both Mom and daughter looks like of same age.


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