Cold Cold World...

It's a cold cold world...
If you've not been given the cold shoulder, then you get the cold stare, if not the cold stare, you find people who take life too seriously you wonder how they live with all that ice inside them...
It's a cold cold world, and so we have to save ourselves by wearing the right clothes, and finding a nice fire place that warms every inch of us, makes our heart steamy, unfreezes the ice on our lips to release our smile... a place where we're not scared of anything because the sound of the fire crackling gives us comfort, and the hot cup of cocoa in our hands is a joy to sip on, melting our insides, releasing every knot in us. If we don't find that place... we just end up catching pneumonia and dying.

I have a couple of fire places.Those places that heal me and warm me up even as the world gets colder....

Like Salvation... It is my greatest source of warmth. Without it, any other fire place is just like a hot water bottle that would eventually turn cold.
Basking in the 'Son'shine. Listening to music, worshiping and spending those quite moments with God. How i love the warmth that flows from my toes, moving all over me. It's special. Because all of a sudden, nothing matters any more. I'm made to remember I'm special. I know all will be well whatever it is I'm going through. I know he has a plan for me, a plan for good and not evil... It's the moments when i just know. And in my knowing, the cold of the world is a million miles away as i find rest in my fireplace. 
"Our real self, our true personality, is dead until lit by the fire of God. Then we become what God meant us to be, each one blessed and filled with the same fullness. We are all made to drink the same blessing, and yet each of us represents the whole." REINHARD BONNKE

Like being in church... Unfortunately, the cold in the world has found its way into this building of comfort... but i know just where to sit to bask in the warmth that remains in the church. Whenever i miss Sunday service or fellowship in church for a stretch, i start to feel a little numb, and then theres this excitement when i eventually make it in, there's this warmth over me, like the frost that has been built up from my absence has melted away.
I know we say church is just a building... but trust me, worshiping with others is not something to miss, doesn't matter how many hours of TD Jakes you watch on Sundays or that your TV's always on some christian channel. "...not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.' Hebrews 10:25(the message) There's a lot to gain from going to church/fellowshipping with others.

Like being home with my family... Within those doors, whereever it be as long as there's family. Those moments heal the frostbites i get from the world. From the love we share, to the genuine concern we show, to the stories told... everything that it is. The little things, like the food, the portraits, the familiar sound of moms voice on the phone, a sisters laugh resounding in the house, the aunties around just seating and talking, joking with an uncle, evening time watching the news... now that burns me good.

Like reading... I bury my nose in the books and I'm lost. The world is far away, I'm long gone from it's freeze warrant. I'm closer to the sun/son. I'm warming up and I'm having fun with myself. My mind unfreezing with the new information it takes in. There's everything to love about the right sort of books. It just sends the mind years ahead to an age that the body might never get to feel.
Well, these are a few of my favorite fire places. Where i have received sanity, where the frost from the world has been melted away, where my heart warms up. 

Do you have a fire place? How have you protected yourself from the cold in the world? Are you part of those freezing the world? Some have enough cold within them to kill themselves even before the world gets them... Like Christiana Perri sings "you're gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul'. Are you part of what's freezing you? Are you one with a big chunk of ice in your heart?

Do you have that fireplace of salvation that warms and lasts longer than the rest... Or would you rather stay out in the cold cold world, just so stubborn you think you can brave the cold with your new fur coat and leather jackets and an occasional dash to some superficial warm place?... like the old MTV migraine boy ad of back in the day goes "I'd rather catch pneumonia and die" is that your stance? Or are you willing to give that ice in you a melt, see how it works on the other side?
You should try getting some warmth, there's a whole lot of difference and joy when you're warm in a true and sure way. Try Jesus, get warm, It's a cold cold world out there.


  1. I have a red couch...the moment I sink into it all is well with the world. It is my special place that keeps me balanced. And put things into perspective.

    I love coming here...always inspiring

  2. Thanks for taking time to write this useful post for me. keep up the right and great work.


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