Pose For The Camera... *Click Click*

Pose for my camera *click click*...
I love pictures. I love being in them, and i love taking them. There's so much beauty around and it feels so good to capture them and have a look whenever you want to.
I'm no professional, I am just a girl with a camera. I have taken some good shots in my life time, matter of fact, i took the background picture of this blog.
I'm sure i will be a whole lot of good if i take photography more seriously. I'm posting a few of my shots on here.
When you look, remember i was having fun doing this, not thinking of professionalism. I'm not a big fan of excess photoshop, which is the joy of some Nigerian photgraphers... perfect pictures are damaged by the too obvious airbrush effect. I feel sorry when i look at some wedding pictures, ruined much by an over zealous photographer.
O well, here are a few of my pictures... and criticize with love if you really have to be a critic, biko... I'm not as tough as Linda Ikeji :)

National Theater Surulere... Took this from a moving vehicle on my way home from NYSC camp, had to go in to sign the 'book of life'(i got an exit so i didn't have to be in camp)
Christmas Cow about to be slaughtered, wonder what the eyes were trying to say. I felt so sorry for it and was almost convinced i wouldn't be able to eat the cooked meat... of cos i got hungry and i love my meat.. i love my cow leg more.

Rocky Plateau...Took this on the outskirt of Jos from a moving Vehicle. I've always loved Jos for the weather and the mountains and rocks et co. It's such a beautiful place. So sad at what the ignorance of illiterates has turned it into with all the religious crisis et co.
A view of Dubai Marina... taken from the 5th floor poolside of the Marriot Habor hotel Dubai.
Another view of the Marina. I love Dubai. Have never spent more than four nights there. I plan on doing an extended stay in the near future by God's grace.
Sunset over River Benue... taken from a moving Vehicle.
Another shot of the Sunset over River Benue.

Had this on the blog before. This was in Marina Lagos. I call it 'in with the new, out with the old' The blue sky sort of feels like a new dawn of color coming to take over the drabness of the black and white/old... And the truck represents the moving van taking away the old.
Taken about three years ago at La campaign Tropicana Lagos. Love that Beach resort. My favorite beach in Lagos, Private, secure, neat and all things nice.
My lovely friend. We had lunch in Chicken Republic Abuja and we ended up taking fun pictures. She's such a beauty, she's a crazy lady on the outside and such a sweetheart on the inside.
My favorite muse when it comes to portraits. She is my best friend. We fight a lot cos she loves to be a 'know it all' to me, but then I'm glad i have her in my life. She is me and I love me too much :)
Now this is another shot of this special girl in my life...Me. I love her loads. You will too when you get to know her. X
And that's all folks... well not all, but all i'm sharing with you.


  1. You take really good pics, i'm so impressed. The lagos marina picture is so beautiful and so are your friends.

  2. these are lovely pictures,the pictures come out so much better than in real life and your friend is lovely

  3. Awwwww.... they're lovely!!! your camera is powerful and you've got a good eye too ;)

  4. awesome...simply awesome my favourites are the sunset over river benue,the joe highlands just made me remember the scottish highlands same scene no difference like the one of the cow about to be slaughtered as well.

    you should get a good dslr,even if its fairly used and I'm sure your pics will turn out much much better in quality...i don't like the over reliance on photo shop as well as it completely erases originality and creativity

  5. Lovely pics. you've certainly got a good eye for the camera.


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