The bandaid effect

Its easier to cover things up. Every little cut, every little hurt. Just put a band aid on it and move on. It gets so addictive that you get bitten by a mad dog and oh well, you just place a band aid over it, till you get rabbis and die, right after you get mad. Some wounds need to be treated,cleaned and stitched,before firmly covering it up to heal. With a nice injection or two to aid in recovery :)

           "What you confront you conquer, not what you avoid" King Odumu
Rather than face situations, we cover it up, without treating it, and so it gets infected under the glossy band-aid and gets worse than it should have been. Have you ever tried ripping a band-aid off an untreated wound? A wound that’s just been covered without proper cleaning? its painful and it looks much worse than it was before you decided you were so smart by heading straight for the first aid kit and bringing out your favorite Simpsons character band to conceal it.
Stockdale Paradox: You must maintain unwavering faith that you can & will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties, AND at the same time have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.
Living in denial just doesn't werk. For everyday you try run from some situations, choosing not to deal with it because you can't stand the sting of cleaning it up with iordines, for every moment you silently hurt by trying to ignore it with the cover up of shopping, spas, reading or cooking, for everytime you look the other way, it just grows and gets more complicated than it should be. It's time to stop running away from our fears, from the ugliness that shows up, its better to deal with it and move on. Saves a lot of strength and keeps your heart light with not having to haul such baggage everywhere you go.

"How dangerous it is to go through life with all of that emotional junk just piling up inside of us, to be clean on the outside yet a mess on the inside. Have you taken some time to clean out your trunk? Have you taken the time to clear your head, your thoughts and unburden your soul? Sometimes, you never know how burdened you are until you lighten your load."
Td jakes


  1. This is me being facetious... But sometimes a band aid can buy just enough time before real help arrives?

  2. @therustgeek and ibiluv.. lol. thats still running away. at least try to stop the bleeding while you wait for help :)

  3. hmmmm you are right. I was keeping something from my mum for 6 months and it was really eating me out i eventually told her yesterday and within 2 minutes it was over... i mean something i was worrying my head over for 6 months doing things i didn't have to do ended in 2 minutes... so you are right.


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