Junks in my Leather Trunk.

I haven’t done a bag post in two years? So I'm doing one to unwind.
While waiting for a friend to pick me up for an event, I decided to send the time soaring and keep my 'pissed off' attitude in check by taking pictures of my bag.
I hate waiting, and i hate being late. So I'm always ready and more often than not always waiting for a few extra minutes to an hour. When you say 1.30pm, I'm ready at 1pm. I hate it when people say "i was trying to give you time to get ready, you know how you girls are" Whatever!!!!
I love my 'Marc b' bag, I think the brand is fab, a classy bag on a budget. I’ve copped three bags over time from the brand, and I enjoy using them. They might not be chanels but the channel me good (whatever that means.) I can't stand when ladies carry fake designer bags, especially when there are loads of affordable and quality lovely brands out there. Why buy a fake chanel when you can carry an original 'marc b'?
the junks in my trunk.
I’ve got a novel, the kings speech, a notebook, for random scribbling and an Ipod nano (I'm almost always prepared to arrest boredom before it mobs me)
An inhaler. I make a conscious effort not to forget it. I'm tired of buying one almost every time I'm out, cos one moment I'm having a laugh and next i feel like i need a puff only to realize I've left it lounging somewhere at home.Thanks to my forgetfulness, i breed a pack of Ventolin at home (good thing we don't need prescription sheets in Nigeria)
Mac powder and Mac lipstick in Russian red. (I love love love this lipstick)
Pocket Tissue/Dove hand cream
Two Phones.
Cuticle trimmer
Two pens
My Wallet with the basics.(expired drivers license, 2 atm cards, expired GT master card,passport photos and some family photos, a little cash)
Dior J'adore miniature perfume
Yellow chili takeaway menu(sometimes I read through the menu when hungry, hoping to order something but I get full by just going through the list :))
My invite for the event
My reading glasses which I hardly ever use.
yes they all fit in with more space left. I love the gold heart, a 'marc b' trademark


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