Jack bauer still got it

"Jack Bauer went off the air last May. Osama Bin Laden turns up dead a year later. I'm just sayin' "- Joey via twitter
from the @funnyhumor team
I love how twitter has gone Bauer crazy following the death of Osama Bin Laden.
Hollywood and its delusions are welcome staples in our daily lives.
The jokes, the laughs and the delusions do well in easing tensed situations.
There's so much to think about after this victory against terrorism. What next? What do they have in mind? is this enough to break their will?

Of course it had to be the 24 hero Jack. I went Bauer crazy once, but i started getting put off with the way he had a solution to everything and never died. The man was just so unreal. But i guess that's what we need when it comes to complicated and high risk operations like this.

Some of my favorite tweets...

"the stories about the small team of US soldiers killing Osama Bin Laden are all lies... We all know it was Jack Bauer,  on his own, with a pen"

"so now we all know what Jack Bauer's been up to since the end of 24"

"Took so long to find bin laden, should've just got Jack Bauer, he would've have done it in 24hrs and got gadafi while he was at it!"

"it took Jack 24 hours to complete the operation".

@ErnestoRiley "okay so the rock was the other guy in the special forces team. Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne; Chuck Norris were also on said team."

"Many say that the elite team was composed of Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris... I would have to agree!"
"Yo S/O to my niggaz Jack Bauer, Snake Eyes, Captain America, n Chuck Norris for killing Osama Bin Laden. #RealAmericanHeroes"

"Just got word that Jack Bauer lead the seal team that stormed the bin laden compound and Jack took the shot that put Osama down"

@gaurav_kolarkarsee  "watch the 4th season u'll know that Operation laden wasnt original. Jack Bauer already did same sort of task in chinese embassy"

@wemzlaw: "Let us all thank the one person who no doubt was behind the killing of osama bin laden.....Thank you Jack Bauer!!!"

@fussymadam "dont you just wish Jack Bauer had got him and the whole thing had been broadcast by Fox in nail biting episode format. #admitit"

"wow!big ups 2 the U.S guess jack bauer finally got 2 osama."

Ha ha, i'd be scared if i was Jack( Kiefer Sutherland) just incase there's a reprisal attack being planned. "revenge of the ninja" style. Oh well Jack knows all and sees all, no worries there, just be sure to keep  Kim in a safe house...


  1. I read some of it while JB was trending yesterday and got a few free chuckles. :)

  2. LOL @ the stories about the small team of US soldiers killing Osama Bin Laden are all lies... We all know it was Jack Bauer, on his own, with a pen"


    Thanks for stopping by at our spot, much love x

  3. LOL, I woke up and read people status messages on Osama being dead....ran to twitter and it was the same thing...and the I put on a tweet saying, Jack had something to do with it- only to find out Jack was trending!!!

    (so many 24 lovers out there)

  4. lol, @sirius, i am a die hard 'hate to love' jack fan. i see you're one of the minds that's been twisted by hollywood. i wonder how u guys come up with stuff like that:)

    @t.notes, i know, i had a good time laughing.

    @jarrai thanks for stopping by

    @myne, pure comedy.

  5. Sometimes people use humor as a defense mechanism when trying to make sense of an awkward situation. I know I use that mechanism way too often.

  6. i agree with you Jeffrey, i use that too, maybe more often than i should. it sure saves loads of heart attacks :)


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