Things aren’t always what they seem to be.
I remember once in secondary school, there was a bazaar in one of the parishes in Abuja, and as usual we were a dozen or more girls including Muslims, lying that we were members of that parish just to get our names on the list of those going out that Sunday.
Bazaars represented good food, cold drinks and freedom from the four walls of the school. Some actually got to see their parents and the school let it, because from these outings generous parents donated cows, rice et co to the school. More reason why they didn’t want to deny genuine parishioners the privilege of attending.
We were in front of the sisters convent pleading our case with the sister in charge of that Sundays' outing. She was a stubborn one, a hard one to crack and a wise one at that, she knew 80% of us were lying. It was getting embarrassing for me (I wasn't raised to beg). I knew I had to be out of school that day or I’d have a claustrophobic reaction. So while others kept pleading, I decided to go ahead and get ready, one way or the other I’d get on the bus, name on list or not… and as I walked away to prepare,  the sister noticed and called me back.
She was impressed. She told the rest of the girls that my name would be on the list just because I obeyed and walked away when she said NO. I was her life size example of obedience. And so my name got on the list legally and I had a good time out.
I was a Dundee when it came to math in school, and I dreaded math lessons with Mr. Rudolph. I found a way of hiding out in the library reading books during lessons.
One day, he gave us an equation to solve in class, I think we were working on sets and we were asked to interpret a certain set he drew on the board. I had no clue of what he spoke, he must have been speaking French or I must have drifted to France with Casanova when he taught. So I just drew an empty set and relaxed. Not knowing what to put in it, and not killing myself about it, i had a headache already. What’s the worst that could happen? He’d Probably embarrass me in front of the class, but they were all my friends, so I really didn’t mind. It was a price i was willing to pay.
 And so he came to my desk and looked over my shoulder… my hearts beating fast, I’m waiting for the jest and scolding as he looks at my work. But what I hear shocks me “clap for her, she’s the only one who got it right, come and have a look at what she’s done". My work was the reference point for the rest of the class.
I’m seating stunned… like WOW, seriously? I’m actually feeling proud… for English and literature I was the queen or the teachers lil princess, but never commended for math. And I remember my closest friend in class smiling at me, she was as shocked as I was and asked how I did it. No idea. I just left the set empty because I didn’t know what to put in it, and apparently the answer to the question was an empty set.
SHE: I'm eagerly waiting for him to come around thinking, BFF, maybe we'll go to the saloon together, get some pedicure, oh he tells such good stories... maybe we'll stop at the tailors, see what he thinks about my new dress, probably see a movie, and do some shopping while we're at it... huh, i might just cook for him today, see what he thinks about my latest attempt. At least through that i'll get to fine tune my cooking for #dearfuturehusband

HE: My goodness, look at the way she smiles at me, and we even spend the day together like a real couple, shes such a wife material, i think i love her. I think she's in love with me,  she expects me to propose, i should propose soon. I mean she tells me everything....
This brings me to something I wrote a while back.
Gullible girl: "awww, he stooped to conquer, how sweet"
He: "I stooped to conquer? No darling, i stooped quite alright, but twas to take a shit"
And that's life for you. You'll get played if you don't wisen up:)

How many times have we perceived things wrongly? Sometimes they might work in our favor, other times not.

Things aren't always what they seem to be.

"Be wise as serpents—and harmless as doves." Matthew 10:16



  1. I agree. Been a while babe. Have a joyful weekend ahead.

  2. this was such a good read

    lol @ the empty set...

    Perception isn't always what it seems...Hope you are good.

  3. Nice stowies..haha! wow you're one of those people that never run out of luck hey? things like that rarely happen to me :( lol


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