Nana: The bella of the Lagoon

I’ve always wanted to take a picture of Nana, but unfortunately whenever I'm in close proximity i'm either without my camera or it's inappropriate because of the people I'm with.

And so as we lounged in Protea hotel waiting eagerly to watch the Lagos state water regatta, I got my long awaited opportunity to take Nana a few shots.

She's the £12 million luxury yacht owned by Nigerian business man Mr. Otedola, named after his wife. Nana lives a life of luxury, just floating and drifting idly on the waters, i hear she's too big to sail freely on the lagoon, too bad. And so she just slow dances with the water and taunts the boats parked adjacent to her in the Lagos boat club, they can’t be compared to her, she shows them who’s boss.

The Lagos state regatta wasn’t as exciting as I imagined. I expected much more. Thus i wasn't shutter crazy with my camera... a few of the shots i managed to take from the terrace of protea hotel. 


Maybe it was a little more interesting than i let on. With the music and all. I was just a little tired coming from church and all. But my camera just kept drifting back to Nana...

PS: Protea on Awolowo road has the best barbecue buffet ever. You should try it one Sunday evening. Mad!!!


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