Big Brother's Biggest Brother.

The big brother madness is here again, captivating the audience all over. I lost my interest in biggie a couple of years ago, I wrote about it here cos I was put off. I think it’s pointless and bla bla bla bla.
I sat down waiting to watch tinsel on Mnet some days ago, i was ten minutes early and the big brother daily highlight show was on. So I watched for the 10 minutes, my first time of seeing the housemates and stuff. I would love to see a picture of my facial expressions all through those minutes. I don’t want to start with all things wrong, I don’t want to even spend time talking about this house. So I’ll spare you my rants and talk about another house.
We all are in a big brother house ourselves. We live in a much bigger house, with a more diverse set of housemates, people from every nation and tribe living in the same space. Everyday people are evicted and everyday new housemates are brought in. We're Living on budgets, given interesting and challenging tasks, rewarded for completing the tasks and we have the Biggest of all brothers with the biggest eye ever watching.
There are cameras in ever nook and cranny, there’s no hiding in this house, Shower hour, loo time… the biggest brother does not miss a thing, our every thought, every whispered conversations, every eye contact and body language has microphones fixed on them, and they are broadcast loud and clear to him who sees all. There's also the daily dairy room, the moments when we take time out to have a chat with the biggest bro, most times some of the housemates disregard this rule, but it's their loss in the end.
And we get evicted too. At the eviction show, we see highlights of our life played out for us, and the shock of it all. Things we forgot we ever did, there it is on some large screen playing in 3D, we’re embarrassed about some, pleased with some, but all in all we see what we could have done right and its too late, we cant go back in to change it.( Well sometimes there’s a twist to the show, we've heard about some people who were given another chance in the house after being evicted. Biggest brother’s grace is boundless.)
The best thing about this house is that, as long as you’re good, and play by the rules of the book and remain true to the biggest brother, you’re a winner. Even if you get evicted before the last day of the show, you’re entitled to the prize money, an eternal life of glory, joy, peace, mansions and streets made of gold, a world without sorrow.
God is watching us, every single detail of our life he knows, he knows our thoughts, he knows every worry, he knows everything, we might pretend to the world, our fellow housemates, but we’re not fooling the Big G. 
In your hiding places he’s watching you, the biggest brother is watching, always watching, always, and he's so merciful that he gives us chance after chance even when we’re up for eviction. But how long will that second chance lurk? Lets be careful and avoid being evicted prematurely, before we perform the unique tasks set before us. And remember "Biggest Brother is watching"


  1. lovely post as usual
    but first time commenting on your blog
    you seem to be my sis from another mother we think alike
    I feel the same about BB very pointless
    stay blessed

  2. i love this so much and its well said

    hope we are all in tune with the biggest Brother of all

  3. Thanks J,but i guess we are the minority, cos the world lives for such shows. all you have to do is log on to twitter to see what keeps the people busy. sad.

    @darkelcee getting in tune with him is the best thing we could ever do.
    @doll, thanks love.

  4. This is lovely! You are a very great writer with a lot of wonderful things you write about.

  5. This is lovely! You are a very great writer with a lot of wonderful things you write about.


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