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I left lagos a few days ago. Officially, I came down for the inauguration, in truth I'm just here to be with mom and family and yeah, maybe the inuaguration. You wouldn't see me on the field, I'll be more interested in the inauguration of the buffet table at home.

I remember watching excitedly as power was handed over to Obasanjo in '99, it was a new era for Nigerians. Democracy at last.
My school was one of the select few chosen to participate in the hand over parade, and how proud we were. A part of history. We went to eagles square every weekday for two weeks to rehearse. Even though I wasn't part of the matching crew, I somehow wiggled my name into the list. I was ecstatic, anything to avoid Mr Rudolphs math class. He wasn't pleased with me or the school for letting me go, he always had something to say about it when he saw me.

I wasn't so excited about the shift in power, but the fact that I could see Prince charles, Jesse Jackson,Mandela and all those heads of states up close. I wasn't old enough to start thinking government policies and what not.
A couple of us had our names scratched on some of the chairs in eagles square... It was the first time the square would be used. We wanted our 'legacy' to live on there. Wonder if its still there.
I remember grinning in excitement and taking pictures when Abdusalam and Baba inspected the parade, it was so cool... Its been years since then and I'm still not so sure about anything.

Was the military better? NO. It was horrible, I have friends who's fathers were victims of rights violations.
But i got a chance to experience it first hand, and today's dispensation has a lot to learn from the discipline milads brought to their states. Yes there was corruption, but it was so subtle you'd ignore it(in states that is, not the heads of states). You'd hardly find a lazy commissioner working for his selfish interest, the best men were sort out for the job. Today?

The first ladies(milad wives) were humble hard working ladies, with projects that actually impacted the lives of the rural dwellers.
Now first ladies(of states) are greedy lots, more interested in looking down on their deputies, and fighting them for dressing good, consumed with their greed and insecurities. Trying to prove they've got more power.
Faux programmes for widows and orphans, funds for 'pet projects' taken and used for luxury trips and diamonds and offshore accounts.

The military wives were more endearing,more disciplined, not carried away with cheap sense of insecurity. They got down and dirty when it came to rural projects... We had infrastructures that stood and were functional. Hospitals, day care centers, vocational centers, female empowerment etc. The FSP by Mrs Abacha and the Better life programme by Mariam touched lives even though their husbands were terrors.

So far so good, I think the Dame is an improvement from the other civilian first ladies, and Johnny is trying his best too. I know a lot of negative things has been said about the infamous lunch with the youths. But that's a first from a seating president. We know its not a campaign strategy as he's gotten the votes already. Let's give him a break and give him a chance, hopefully he'll be worth it.

O well, I'm off to take my oath of office with the buffet table."I FQ, do solemnly swear, to uphold the constitution of the federal republic of my stomach... To sample everything laid out on the table to the best of my ability. So help me pounded yam"
Happy democracy day!!!
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  2. I also think the military govt was more disciplined than the so called democracy we have today. Haha, treat that pouded yam with mercy please :p

  3. Great post and standing. I'm impressed that you wrote this on your little Blackberry! I have a hard time with such little things; I prefer my lappie!

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  4. Let's just hope that Johnny n Dame perform above our expectations and really be the Breath of Fresh Air as their campaign slogan stated. Luv d blogs.


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