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I was going through my old posts and had a great time laughing at the comments. You know, like looking through an old album and reminiscing about the old days. We had our backs and we were dedicated readers, it's funny how you feel so close to people you've never seen. Even when we didn't have the luxury of follow buttons, we had to guess or have sensors to spot updates, and there was this raw joy at being first. I miss Naapali, Queen of my Castle(she has a book out now...yayy), Atutupoyoyo, Kimpossible, sasuke, fineboy, afrobabe, pink satin, black jamesbond, ozaveshe, james tubman, unnaked, carlang(writes for 234next now), dairy of a g, callywaffy(floated a striving PR company), ejura, princessa, bighead, yarmama, jinta....i wonder where most of them are now?

Nigerian men!!!! Its not fair how naija guys walk up to girls and say ‘I just saw you and I knew we were meant to be together’ or they call you up one day and tell you ‘I had a dream and God showed me you're my wife’. Well I dream too, and i turn on my TV and see fine fine boys, but you don’t see me chasing Prince Williams to marry me, even if something in my heart flutters and thinks we're meant to be together forever. What will the world be like if we're allowed to chase anyone we dream of or fancy? The fact that you dreamed it, doesn't mean some force is working to get you and i together. Smell the coffee.

I watched the court clip of Strauss-Khann. I kept looking at his face trying to figure out what he was thinking, trying to read his expression. The shame of it. He really put his foot in it this time. What is it with men, power and scandals?
I don’t get it…why would you upload a picture of you on facebook and caption it ‘cutie’, 'finest', 'hot' ? I understand you need to love yourself, and boost your confidence. I look in the mirror sometimes and I can't help smiling and hailing me for looking that good on a particular day. But uploading a picture that isn’t that great and saying all that is just a no no.
Why do I always find my voice and the words I want to say after hanging up the phone? Its not fair, you plan on what to say and when you get to the talking point, you’re a blabbing fool. Then you stare in the mirror and start saying everything as it is, with attitude…only thing is you’ve hung up the phone and missed your chance so it doesn't matter..
Today, you're more likely to be accepted for being gay than being a Christian.
You eventually hate the thing you fear. So if you’re going about with a chip on your shoulder that your wife, your kids, your help or your sister fears you… think twice and make things right, let them respect not fear you, cos indeed we eventually hate what we fear. You don't want that.
My mirror lies to me,he's a cheat. Everyday I look him in the eyes and ask "who's the prettiest of all?". I get the answer I want, "thou of queen art the fairest of them all". But I realize he says that to all the others, he looks them in the eye and tells them the same thing. I know because i see the way they smile when they look at him. Such a player.
Why do people die? The people we love, people we need. Why is there loneliness in the midst of a crowd? Why cant we understand the meaning of life? why should there be wrong in the midst of right? Why should the wrong one love you right? Why do we always realize our wrong just after the mistake? When you throw questions at life, life throws its balls of uncertainty back at you, leaving you more confused than you were. Some questions aren't meant to be asked.
There's a thin line between a lot of things. Between love and hate, greed and ambition, friendly and flirty, jokes and stepping on toes, Discipline and being wicked, self love and vanity. Be wise and know where to draw the line.
Sometimes its good to vent, let the steam out or you'll just implode and die of a heartbreak, killing others with you because they'll die of a heart attack because you died, and then there'll be a chain of deaths tied to your death, and then the world will be one empty and lonely place with just a few people left for me to talk to, and we don't want that.
Power can get heady. Sometimes you can't blame the politicians for the way they loot and steal(i'm not saying it's right) Imagine having to eat akara and pap for breakfast for the most part of your life, then suddenly your menu is changed to Kelloggs, bacon and sausages. There's a tendency that he'll have an overdose of it till his belly runs him to the ground. That's why you see him buying ten cars at a go. What do you expect?
That's all folks. 


  1. Funny you mentioned it but I thought I saw you in my dream and I saw we were together. In my dream you dreamt too, 2 layers, I featured in your dream and I planted the idea. The dream and God-showed-me approach keeps working thats why it still in use. LOL Coffee smell is lovely, makes us want to have some more.

    KO for DSK!

    Mr. Mirror is getting jealous of the bb camera!

    A politicians wife decided to have Oats for breakfast. She poured some(straight out of the can) in a dish, added milk, then water and began to enjoy! I guess she didn't(or couldn't) read the instructions. Money miss road, give the hunter a bigger gun and drop him in a zoo.

    Lovely...love 'em blogs! Full screen makes you my wallpaper

  2. so many issues and thoughts, some made me smile, like the guys that dream up their love or fall in at first sight, :)

    As for the mirror and those who praise their photos on FB, what can I say?

    True words - we get to hate what we fear. True words.

    ps, didn't know Queen of my Castle has a book out. How can I get it?

  3. Hey there! Visiting from AZ challenge. Shannon @ The Warrior Muse and I are joining forces in another challenge. We're going to visit and comment at each of the participants, starting with the reflections post. We hope you'll join us!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. These are some really thought-provoking, uh, thoughts...

    I didn't know anything about this DSK guy, but I have a morbid fascination with this case. How does a guy in his position think he can get away with something like that?

    And it makes me sad when bloggers disappear and we lose touch. I had some good friends that have just vanished.

  5. hi Myne, you can get QOMC book on amazon, heres a link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1453599878/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_alp_8D3Ynb1T0BVDK

    Tina, that's quite ambitious, but i think it can be done *fingers crossed*

    Karen, yeah, one moment, you're getting to really love a blogger and the next they're off. :(

  6. Haha random much?? not that i'm complaining :)
    OMG people that upload pics of themselves and name the pics cheesy shit like "sexy".. O_x
    And then the thing bout fb that pisses me the most are the random ass boys that comment on pics and leave the cheesiest comments bout how hot and sexy the pic is. -___-
    Nice blog :D


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