Slowly slowly catchee monkey

The nice guys FINISH! The other guys are just going really fast in the wrong direction.
Tony Gaskin
The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong. Ecclesiastes1:11

In Life's race, getting there first doesn't mean you've won or you're the best.


Don’t rush it because others seem to be getting there faster; take your time, easy does it. You only sell yourself short when you rush yourself through life and make more mistakes while you're at it.
We’re pressured to be a lot of things because our mates are those things and more. We have mini heart attacks every other day because our juniors just over took us on the high way of life and our best friends are rushing right after.
Slow and steady wins the race, with loads of extra years to enjoy the prize. Ask Mrs Camel and Mr Tortoise. They outlive the fast and the furious of the animal kingdom. You don't see a lion or hare outliving Mr Tortoise, either they die of old age, or are shot as game.
Life isn’t always about speed,how fast you can be a 'big man'. There is an urgency yes, but then you’ve got to move with precision. I’m not saying we shouldn’t bother or aim to be better, I’m saying we shouldn’t measure our journey and success by the speed and mileage of those around us. When we start doing that, we loose the purpose and are just zombies like everyone else. No one is made the same; no ones destiny follows the same path. But all in all, God has a perfect plan and purpose for you. Take a deep breath and a sip of water, wipe the sweat and keep on keeping on like the tortoise. You’ll surely get there and live to enjoy it.

Going through the due process in life is frustrating. Especially when we live in a world that not so discreetly embraces shortcuts and cutting corners, sleeping your way to the top, sleeping your way to the first class trips and range rovers, sleeping your way to the diamonds on your neck and sleeping your way to be the envy of your friends. Scheming innocent people of their money to build mansions and buy cars and own yachts, using rituals to gain power. There’s really no peace in getting there the quick way. You’re living a lie, not just to those around you but to yourself. It'll help if you can have backbones like the tortoise and the camel, so when the pressure to conform, and the taunting for being seemingly slow rains down, they just bounce off the hunch on your back
We get built up in the climb. The more we walk, the more we sweat, shedding off attitudes we would not need when we eventually get there. Meaning we learn not to sweat the small stuff. Have you noticed how some extremely rich people are so simple and humble? They don’t have ten cars with number plates saying ‘badt guy 1’ all the way to 'baddest guy 10'. When we let ourselves escape some of the routes God has laid out for us, we’re not as strong as we ought to be, because we missed some of the lessons meant to help us when we get there.

Taking short cuts will get you cut short! Stay the course and Success is yours! Tony Gaskin
As the saying goes, slowly slowly catchee monkey.



  1. Do you read thoughts? Seems like you're living in my brain (not the 'baddest guy 10' part oh) Beautiful... I love this

  2. Wonderful post... we all need to be reminded that life is not a competition every now and then, even though there is always the pressure to keep up or one up our mates

  3. Like prism said, this is a very beautiful post :) i love that u said we dnt need to have fancy number plates jst to impress others, it;s so sad how much we live our lives trying to impress other people.
    Like u said, "slow and steady wins the race" :)

  4. word!
    Everyone has different destinations and it's not about how fast we get there, it's about how well.....


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