K is for Kiss and Tell

He’s a kiss and tell kind of guy, he kisses me and wants me to tell the world.
Or I should say I’m a kiss and tell sort, I receive his kisses and shyly tell the world.
He’s comforted me with his kisses, he’s shielded me, he’s warmed my soul with his hugs, he’s given me joy and hope with his whispered promises, he’s given me peace with his presence and made me blush to the roots of my hair and sent me crying in awe with the words of his letters.
And when I lie beside him, it’s the best feeling ever, the warmth of him embracing me when I have that last pillow talk just before I sleep. The way he touches my heart in the mornings, the way he dines me with his blessings. And how he showers me with his gifts. His kisses gives life to me.
He hates it when I make him my personal secret, when I keep all his loving to myself.

He wants me to tell the world of his kisses, to write about him, to sing about him, to share my testimonies of his love to others and to thank him for loving me the way he does. By telling them, they can know what sort of lover he is and long for him too, does it make me jealous? Na… I love it when more people accept him,I'll be trilled if all my friends moved into our home and shared in the bed of his loving. It doesn’t make him distant from me, rather it makes him love me more.

He’s kissed me, thus I love to tell, maybe I’m not bold enough to stand in front of people just yet, but i love to write about him, to pour out my love and faith through the words that i write.

Hes kissed me with grace that redeems and saves.
He’s kissed me with life on those dark days I faced death and he pulled me back.
He’s kissed me with his hand leading me back on the path of life.

He’s kisses have taken away the loneliness and feelings of doom.
His kisses have turned walls into revolving doors.
His kisses have mended my heart and taken away my fears and tears.
His kisses have given me laughter on the gloomy days and through shady situations.
His kisses make me good as new when I’m broken beyond human repair.
His kisses pierce right through my skin and into my soul and warms it up
His kisses has provided for me.
His kisses don’t lie, I know them well and I love them so.
Have you let Jesus kiss you lately? Have you responded to the call of his love and gotten lost in his embrace yet? you should try it.

He kisses me well and I love to tell.


  1. Wow! well said!!!...and that is from a kissed girl to another:)


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