L is for Lola

I like Lola. I like her a lot. Who is Lola? Lola is Charlie’s sister. Who’s Charlie?… you know the chap from the children’s program/book ‘Charlie and Lola’
I refuse to be judged for that. I’m only trying to be the best aunt a child can have, thus my niece Gaby loves watching Charlie and Lola and its rubbed off on me.
Lola is so much fun, just being the child that she is. She is a determined and independent minded girl. I like Charlie for loving Lola and not being a mean older brother.He's such a sweet patient boy, every little boy ought to be like him. But I like Lola more. Maybe I’d have loved Charlie more, but Lola … there’s something about her, like what i want little girls to be, determined and brave, not timid and scared.  Like my niece. 
"i am not sleepy and i will not go to bed" those are words of a determined Lola, and dear dear charlie knows just how to break down her defenses without crushing her feelings.
I wouldn’t mind been friends with her. I would very much have liked her to be my imaginary friend if I was allowed to have one.
When i think of 'seven years' by Norah Jones, i picture Lola as the little girl....

"spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song, A little girl with nothing wrong, is all alone.
eyes wide open, always hoping for the sun. And she'll sing a song to anyone that comes along.
Fragile as a leaf in autumn... just falling to the ground, without a sound.
Crooked little smile on her face, tells a tale of grace, that's all her own...."
I think of Lola, spinning and dancing and laughing in that determined way with no care in the world. The independent minded girl, free from fear and tears and sorrows. I like Lola a lot.

*sigh* this is what being a mother by proxy does to you.


  1. enjoy it
    cos no matter how much love you have for dat child
    you can always give her back

  2. carefree Lola.........wish i had more courage to exude those attributes

  3. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. Love Charlie and Lola as well!!! love their accent! really sweet!


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