U is for Ultroneous

i know i wrote about cutting my hair some weeks back. Well i did, it was nothing drastic, i spent time talking about it before actually doing it. And it grew back to its former glory almost immediately, like i did nothing to it. It wasn't soo drastic because even though my aunt noticed there was something different about my hair, my mum was oblivious till i had to point it out to her.

Just incase you haven't wiped out your dictionary yet or called up your best friend Google, I'll save you the trouble. Ultroneous means to be spontaneous.(there I've eased your headache, i had to look up the meaning too, not for me, for you)

So, i went to the salon a few days ago, i was going to have hair extension fixed. Everything was going well till i found myself wrapped in the barbers cape and heard the sound of the Ghanaian self professed stylists' scissors sniping at my hair. I know i told him somewhere between blow-drying my hair that i wanted it cut, i wanted to stop him when he kept going lower than i dared, but i was frozen in the moment, i felt defiant, ready to take whatever he would give me. And as i watched the snipping,  it was dejavu again....

I was about seven years old, we were at my aunts for a dinner party in honor of the NRC presidential candidate, i had my meal and was sent upstairs while the adults remained down. My aunts dressing table always had a thing or two to keep me occupied, and on this day there was something extra to keep me busy. A pair of scissors. I sat in front of the mirror, grabbed a chunk of my hair and SNIPE. I don't know what i was thinking, i just know it felt good, that's until mum came up and saw the mess i had made. The next day she took me to the barbers, my punishment? all my hair was shaved off to the lowest of the low. And yes i was mocked in school for that and they sang that horrible song for me. *shivers*

Back to the moment, i felt like that little girl again, it felt good, and thankfully this time, there will be no mom to punish me for my spontaneous madness, and i refuse to punish myself too. I'll find a way of enjoying it one way or the other. I think i kinda like my new hair though, but not enough to stop growing it. I miss my hair sometimes....
me with long hair :(... ok fine its not all natural hair, but you get the picture.

my first taste of extensions so short, i was too faint hearted for it, too fierce and hard for me. Took it off after a week. My new hair reminds me of this

and this is my new look...
 I'm trying to get used to it. I stopped letting myself feel like a different person and being extra conscious about it when people exclaim "you cut your hair?" Even my niece Steph wasn't happy to hear the news. But it don't matter, cos after all, i am not hair.
I think it's fun being spontaneous sometimes.Who knows i may be spotting a Mohawk next... Hopefully my guardian angels will use their swords to strike any stylist that agrees to that idea :)


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