N is for Nice, not 9ice

I'm obviously not talking about the kind of nice that causes Payne Pain and gets you rugged. No pun intended. I'm talking about pleasant things that give the 'feel good' vibes, like my family, my salvation... so here's 10 random nice things i like....
  • A friendly face everyday.
  • Music. I recently got introduced to American gospel hip hop artist Lecrae, and life has not been the same since, he's thuged me out for Christ, I'm almost hitting the streets with the bandannas on my head, baggy pants and cross on my neck, harassing people and waving my weapons mindlessly them till the succumb to my demands (not guns o, I'm talking about the bible and words) :). Now i can listen to hip hop again, with no fear of losing my soul in all the shallow but life drowning lyrics of drugs, sex, more drugs and sex, this one edifies by drowning you in truth and restoring life to a dying spirit... I've discovered loads of talented gospel acts in the last couple of months and its so exciting and nice to see people handing their talents over to God.
  • Seating at a corner reading a good book. Through books i travel to continents,i become different people, i experience different cultures and i see the world in a different light. One minute i'm seating next to you and the next I'm in japan chatting with geishas, or shopping with Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood, or gasping in shock at peter for daring to walk on water. I get lost in the books i read. "My reading opened doors in my mind of which I'd never been aware." Catherine Cookson
  • Night time, the night is my time of awakening, my moment of music, dance, thoughts and prayer. I love the night time. Staying up while everyone else is asleep is so much fun, sometimes i stay up all night and drift off in the morning if i can.
  • Fridays. I go T.G.I.F for a different reason... 'He's lord praise hour'. its an hour praise and worship session in church on Friday afternoons. Just dancing and singing to the king. Its a lifestyle to me, makes me look forward to the weekend, Just for that 1hour. i call it 'lunch with the king'
  • Food!!!!!! Not a big eater, but its always nice to have food all around me.
  • Photos... It's nice going through old photos and taking new ones. Isn't it amazing how you can lock memories by just a click. Children can see their lives in frozen moments from the very day they were born.
  • Looking back and sighing in relief, i really have grown after all. Even if I'm still an omo mummy. Its a nice feeling
  • Good laughs with friends and family
  • Blogging. Even if i had no one reading... But i love it that i have y'all coming here every day, every other day, or once a year. You make it worth it. I've had old bloggers ask me 'you're still blogging?' It's a feel good thing. i love it.

We vote in our president today. I endorse GEJ, i think he's nice :) despite all the venom thrown at the PDP, its worth giving him a chance, i'd rather have him than any of the others. Don't argue with me, just go out and vote for who you think the right one is, that's worth more than all the twitter,blog and fb political wars.


  1. we read....even when we dont drop comments

    GEJ i never liked and with his recent antics i'm sure i despise him as much as i despise his party...I HATE THE PDP and it seems to me like *they* have made GEJ very pdpishhhhh

    i would have gladly voted for Utomi...


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