M is for Miners: Chi Chi Chi Le Le Los Mineros de Chile

Gloria a Dios... that's a new one i learned from the rev, so basically i can speak Spanish:).

Jose Henriquez Gonzalez and his wife at Jesus House London
Early this year, Jesus house London hosted Reverend Alfredo Cooper, chaplain to the Chilean president and Jose Henriquez Gonzalez the 24th miner to be rescued and his wife sharing every inch of their faith with us. He was the 'pastor' of the trapped miners.
So yayyy, i shook hands with he and his wife(stop rolling your eyes, I'm sure you'd be excited if i said i shook hands with beyonce) and he smiled at me and she smiled at me and i smiled at them and we all smiled at each other :) and life was good.
Its funny how excited i was about it, i mean a few months ago, he was just a miner from some unknown town in Chile, but today, he's a survivor, a fighter, a believer, a living testimony and a hero in his own right.

Watching the story on CNN and all the news networks, reading it online and in the papers doesn't come close to hearing a first hand account of a survivor, seating in front of you, still overwhelmed with emotions, as he relived his experience and answered questions asked by pastor Agu.
I was moved at the level of his faith, he said he knew Jesus was with them down in the earths bowels, the 34th miner.
Pastor Agu interviews Jose and Rev Cooper
Jose took a seemly bad situation and made the best out of it, sharing the good news of Jesus and preaching to the others. He organized prayers twice a day(that's where he got the pastor title from)
This somewhat horrific event has been a blessing, Gods way of opening doors for his name and the gospel to be spread to those who would not hear it on a good day. Jose has been invited to many countries along with the Rev Cooper, the more they're called to speak, the more he talks about the faithfulness of God, and the need for salvation. The days of darkness has brought about the light of the gospel of Christ to many.

Despite the bleakness in the world, there was reason for the world to laugh and rejoice in unison even if for a moment, a moment for even the atheist to acknowledge God when those people swallowed by the earth were coughed out one by one. I'm almost forgetting to mention his sweet wife who's faith is to be admired, she said she knew one way or the other her husband was going to come out alive.

This got me thinking, although we walk the walk, dress the dress and drive the drive in our posh cars, many are buried in mines, in that deep dark place, where it seems all hope is lost and we've been forgotten in the depths, fear crowding in, the future looking bleak, will you ever see the light again? Will you ever get to smile from your heart again? will you ever love again? will life ever have meaning again? Its easy to give up, when things seem bad or Gods promises are delayed. But then, there's the better alternative, the one the miners chose.
Don't just sit in that dark place the world has buried you in, it may be dark, but who says you can't up and live life, who says prayer doesn't change things? who says? the miners were down for 17days before anyone even knew they were alive, and even at that, no one knew how they'd get out, but the nation prayed, the world prayed, they prayed and prayed and prayer changed everything about 2months later.

No matter how dark it seems, how bleak and hopeless, don't stop praying. Let Jesus into your darkness so he can get light to you... soon, gradually, the capsules will be lowered in and your spirit will be lifted high, rescued into the brightness of light, step by step....what am i trying to say? just pray until something happens.

photo source:www.jesushouse.org.uk


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