O is for Old time radio.

Old time radio where the oldies are still young:) I love the American radio shows made between the mid 1920's through 1960. I stumbled on the old time and I've been hooked ever since. I'm partial to the comedy shows, nothing beats a good laugh any day. It's like a whole new world opened to me, in comparison to the messed up radio dramas i grew up listening to on naija radio stations...

I get to listen to Archie Andrews, from the comic book series and experience the veronica and Betty drama first hand, not forgetting silly jughead, The Bikersons, My friend Irma, The Aldrich family, Our Miss Brooks, My favorite husband, Ozzie and Harriet, Father knows best, A date with Judy.... are just a few of my favorite shows. The oldies have great plots and acting that keeps you going. I could see myself having dinner next to Henry in the Aldrich family, or preparing for a date with Judy or ...my mind is engaged with the sounds i hear, creating pictures of what the characters look like in my head.

Best thing about this is i get to download the free podcast on itunes, a cost free feel good chill pill. If you're an *'osho free' baby like me then click here for free downloads, and if you get hooked and want a wider range of options from detective to mystery to children or brit dramas, you can purchase from Otrcat.com
Happy listening.
*for the jebbies, osho free means awoof, for those more jebbier than the jebbies it just means you love freebies.
photo source:smorgshowpodcast


  1. I might yet take up that offer, been a while I listened to any radio plays, old or new.


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