T is for Treasure Hunts.

Basically treasures are riches either lost, buried or forgotten until rediscovered.
I love the scenes in movies where pirates finally find lost treasure chests using a map, daydream mode is activated immediately as i stare longingly at all these heart stopping pieces of precious stones on the screen. I'm always thinking 'wow, all these!!!!! what if no one ever discovered it? it'd be just there, wasting away..."
                                                                    photo source:garang76.deviantart.com

I've never played treasure hunt games before, not even the easter egg tradition, because well its not a part of our culture. (thankfully so)
The only hunt i can think off is the 'hide and seek'. If only we'd never have to hunt for the people hiding, it'd be great.
I think we should be allowed to play this game as adults, i'll be the seeker, especially when my nerves are being pinched. When everyones gone to hide, i'll grab a book or my ipod and lounge away, not bothering to find them till i'm in need for some company hours later:) ahhh, the peace and quite.
I've gone off point i know. Pardon me.

Back to treasure hunts. It's not so much a game when it comes to ourselves. There are treasures in each and everyone of us, no matter how insignificant or worthless we feel, we have a purpose, and its our job to hunt for our talents which are the treasures buried deep within us which lead to our purpose.
Some of the clues to what our talent is are in the things we enjoy doing, the things that make us alive and lifts our spirits when we get involved or even think of it.
Another island with buried treasures is the Bible, loads of treasures spread out there waiting to be found, and same time it serves as a guide book filled with clues and encouragement in our quest to find the chest.

It gets frustrating sometimes when it comes to finding purpose and finding self, but it doesn't mean we have to stop. Whoever said it'd be easy. Well yeah, so maybe it's easy for some people, but as long as you're motivated, you'll definitely find it.
Even the pirates never have it easy in their quests to find treasures, they sail through the storms, all those months at sea, fighting off attacks and losing arms(why do they always have to have a hook as an arm) and when they finally find the spot where the treasure lies, they have to dig to get it out. They are a determined lot.
More reason why we should be too, and we're legit, we have a right to the treasure we seek. we shouldn't settle for less than we are made to be.
"A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." Proverbs 18:16
my interpretation of this is verse is your treasures, your talents will bring you before great men and make way for you in the world.

Apart from searching out out treasures, we should try making our hearts a treasure chest of inestimable value by above all loving like Christ loved.

"Your mind can be a junkyard or a treasure chest, and you alone have the ability to choose what it will be."Joyce Meyer, Power Thoughts
It's time to start the treasure hunt, if you haven't already found started.
Bon Voyage, and happy hunting.


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