Q is for Quality vs Quantity

I pick Quality over quantity every time. It's easy to miss it, thinking the more you have the better you'll be. Thus use the money meant for one polo shirt to buy ten polos from the aba boys(or Chinese if you prefer) in different colors... you've outsmarted the people, but you just outsmarted yourself smart pants, your polos are so fake the rider just lost his mallet and broke his neck:)...
I would rather have one quality bag, than a dozen cheap bags or designer imitations. Having a full wardrobe doesn't count if you've only got rags in there.

You have all the girlfriends in the world and you're feeling like a 'bad boy'... fact is you can't get that one girl that beats them all... quality still beats quantity.

Its not about having a dozen toasters or dates, every girl comes to realize that at one point, it's about having the right one ask you out. Life is easier and nicer with that one person than the bunch of losers you find yourself hanging out with. 
The success and quality of a marriage is not based on how long a couple dated before taking the plunge... 

It's not about the number of degrees you have, its the quality of your emotional intelligence used to deal with everyday life that matters most. Being street and emotionally smart in his blazer and tie is all the one decree holder really needs to get ahead of you sometimes. Your personal qualities are worth more than the quantity of your qualifications.

Its not about the number of Christians we have in Nigeria or how many churches exists... its about the quality of our devotion, how faithful are we to the faith? Do we grow spiritually from the churches as opposed to hearing feel good sermons and not salvation at its core rawest form.

Its not about how many times you pray in a day or how long you pray for,or how often you fast, its about the rightness and sincerity of your heart. 

Speaking of quantity, i think its just wrong to go on and on and on on twitter, I'd rather have you post once every month or day with something that will make me go 'WOW' than fill my time line with talks that make me question your sanity and intelligence. (I'm guilty of this too) or uploading pictures on facebook every minute with captions like 'fine girl', 'sexy mama'(lets do the appraisal honey) chill with the daily uploads and hit us with something special every other week.
 "Don't pity the girl with one true friend. Envy her. Pity the girl with just a thousand acquaintances." - Unknown Wise Person
Its not about the number of 'friends', fb friends or followers you have, its the quality of your friendship that matters, do they matter in everyday life? can you talk to them? can you rely on them? can you learn and grow through the 'likes' they click on your comments?
"I have three kinds of friends: those who love me, those who pay no attention to me, and those who detest me." 
And we all do too, and they're on our social network list....

It's Better to Have One Friend of Great Value than Many Friends of Little Value

Sometimes we have to be wise and get rid of numbers and stick with substance, Some would argue that all you need is to learn how to balance the two. Whatever rocks your boat, quality tips my scale any day.


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